Best Men’s Safari Jackets

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One major problem in today’s world is adventure seems to be going away. Every day more of us are connected online. While this is convenient, it can also prevent us from exploring the world in real life. GPS has more or less mapped our entire planet, so the emergence of a new Magellan or James Cook seems unlikely. There are precious few parts of the planet humans have not stepped foot upon. Still, the thrill of adventure can be recaptured through a safari. For this, you’ll need a proper mens safari jacket.

Origins of the Mens Safari Jacket

What we know today as a safari jacket is also known as a bush jacket. Both names refer to its purpose as a piece of outerwear meant for going on safari in the African bush. This environment has traditionally held a lot of intrigue for Europeans, who developed their own clothing that could deal with the unique stressors of the African bush.

The first safari jackets were based on the European warm weather military uniforms that were in service from the nineteenth century all the way throughout World War II. These khaki or beige uniforms quickly became popular for those who were on less military-type adventures, and they stuck in the popular imagination.

Because of their military origin, safari jackets tend to have epaulets on the shoulders, pleated pockets throughout, and a belted cinch across the belly.

The Safari Jacket’s Rise to Popularity

Many factors led to the popularity of the safari jacket. The male British royals would wear this type of suit whenever they visited the warmer parts of the commonwealth such as Australia and New Zealand. This solidified the safari jacket as an essential part of Australian culture. In fact, members of the Australian Legislative Assembly would wear them on official duties.

This popularity was further enhanced by James Bond. The famous super-spy character was depicted wearing safari jackets in his warmer-weather adventures. This popularity spilled over into India, where local manufacturers quickly picked up the pattern and began manufacturing safari jackets of their own.

In African countries below the Sahara, the safari jacket is often referred to as a “Kaunda suit.” This is a reference to Zambia’s long-term president Kenneth Kaunda, who was almost never seen wearing anything other than a safari suit.

The Safari Jacket Revival

You may wonder why so many people are seeking out men’s safari jackets at a time when safaris themselves are not exceedingly popular. Part of this is simply the love affair fashion designers have had with this suit since the 1960s.
In the ’60s, the jacket moved from being a necessity that was donned for certain types of wilderness adventures to a fashion statement that signaled one’s innate desire for adventure. Many innovations and new styles of safari jackets emerged in that era. In many ways, the sixties themselves are back in style, so it makes sense that the safari jacket is also rising in popularity.

What Is the Private V.C. White for J. Crew?

The Private V.C. White for J. Crew is one of the premier safari jackets that money can buy. It is not your traditional safari suit, so don’t think this will make you look like a Halloween store version of an African bush explorer. This is a fantastic piece of clothing that will prepare you for the unique environment of the African or Australian bush without sacrificing modernity in its aesthetics.

The Private V.C. White for J. Crew bucks tradition in a few key ways. This jacket is navy rather than the beige, tan, or khaki that is usually portrayed by storybook cover artists working on tales of safari adventure. This navy allows it to blend with a wider array of styles and hide stains more easily than the lighter variants.

The Private V.C. White for J. Crew also differs from other safari jackets in that it embraces a look that is closer to a leisure suit than a military uniform. This gives it a blissfully laid-back look that breathes well (which is essential for environments like Sub-Saharan Africa) and protects your limbs and torso.

Product Specs

The Private V.C. White for J. Crew has been described as having a “regular fit,” meaning it will suit a plurality of body types, running neither too big nor too small. The fabric is vented to breathe easily, and the design comes with a built-in belt. This mens safari jacket is made of ventile, which is rubberized against the stressors of rain and dust.


You can purchase the Private V.C. White for J. Crew safari jacket for around $330. Some of the other items we compared this jacket against will cost slightly less, but many of its competitors are forced to charge a higher price point to offer anything close to this quality to the buyer.

How This Safari Jacket Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare:

  • Fjallraven Men’s Raven Jacket

  • Wantdo Lightweight Front Zip Jacket

  • Orvis Men’s Zambezi Jacket

Private V.C. White for J. Crew

Price $$

Features 4 Out of 5 Stars

This jacket is vented. It is rubberized against the elements and comes with a belt to keep your jacket in place and make your form look great.

Materials 5 Out of 5 Stars

It is very difficult to beat the quality of clothing that comes from J. Crew. The navy ventile that this jacket is constructed from will last you a long time. Plus, it keeps the elements off of your back and will not dust-up easily.

Design Quality 5 Out of 5 Stars

We love the direction J. Crew took with this mens safari jacket. It is a bold choice not only in that it looks like a safari suit but also because it differs from other less-ambitious styles of safari jackets.


  • Made from durable and breathable ventile
  • Vented to allow cooling
  • Innovative design and coloring


  • Only comes in one color option
  • Not the cheapest mens safari jacket available

Fjallraven Men’s Raven Jacket

If you need a jacket for day-to-day use or even for a big camping trip, then you need look no further. Fjallraven has made a highly functional and stylish jacket for both occasions. This mens safari jacket is made from recycled materials, has tons of features, and has a great design quality.

Price $$$

Features 3 Out of 5 Stars

One unique feature of this safari jacket is the fact that it is washable. You can machine wash this jacket, unlike others on our list, making it perfect for everyday or travel use. The jacket comes with a two-way zipper, press buttons, and a few huge pockets. It even has extra opening bellows for ease of access and airflow.

Materials 4 Out of 5 Stars

The jacket is made for high-impact outdoor activities. It is constructed from recycled polyester and organic cotton. This earns it a whopping 4 out of 5 stars. Here is a jacket that allows you to use, reduce, recycle and feel good about it.

Design Quality 4 Out of 5 Stars

Fjallraven has made a wonderful multi-use jacket, all while considering the environment, style, and functionality. We have no complaints here except that you get what you pay for. These good looks, durable functions, and convenient pockets will come at a price. We still believe the jacket deserve a huge 4 out of 5 stars for design quality.


  • Made from recycled materials
  • High functionality and ease of use
  • Great for outdoor activities or everyday use


  • One of the more expensive jackets
  • Does not have as many features as other jackets

Wantdo Lightweight Front Zip Jacket

The Wantdo Safari Jacket is a great option if you do not want to spend a lot and you want to personalize your jacket to your style. The color options alone will make your head spin. This mens safari jacket is covered in highly versatile pockets, zippers, and other useful features.

Price $

Features 5 Out of 5 Stars

The Wantdo Safari Jacket has some really wonderful features. The adjustable cuffs and hem will protect you from the cold wind, adding a personal flair to the cut of the jacket. It has five pockets spread around the exterior and interior of the jacket, making the usability very high. Because the jacket comes in so many color options, we know it will fit every style.

Materials 3 Out of 5 stars

The jacket is 100% cotton, which would earn a 5 out of 5 stars, but the lining is polyester, which does not breathe as easily. Considering that, we have rated the materials used in this jacket as a 3 out of 5. The overall look and feel of the jacket is absolutely top-notch.

Design Quality 4 Out of 5 Stars

The adornments on the jacket make it stand out from the pack. It features a stand collar, D ring decoration, and other fancy bit and bobs. Materials, features, and overall style of the jacket earn it a 4 out of 5 stars.


  • Overall look and feel of the jacket
  • Color options are sure to match any style
  • Tons of pocket space for carrying whatever you like


  • Hand washing is recommended for this jacket
  • Not made from recycled materials

Orvis Men’s Zambezi Jacket

Safari jackets should match the needs of each individual. The Orvis safari jacket is well-suited to an individual who loves fashion and sustainability. This mens safari jacket might be the poshest looking jacket on our list. It does cost a bit more than a few jackets on our list, but you really get your money’s worth.

Price $$

Features 4 Out of 5 Stars

The jacket has leather trim on all details and a partial lining with mesh to allow for airflow. This will keep you nice and cool. The jacket also features two lower pockets and one on the chest. You will have plenty of storage for anything you want to carry around. The jacket also has a two-button closure for a secure stay.

Materials 3 Out of 5 Stars

The jacket is made from cotton twill with a bit of added spandex for stretch. The materials used in the making of this jacket are 25% more sustainable than the next leading materials. If you care about the environment and your comfort, then this is the safari jacket for you!

Design Quality 4 Out of 5 Stars

With the consideration of zipper pockets, mesh inserts, and the materials, the design quality for this safari jacket is high. That is why we rated the jacket 4 out of 5 stars. You will not be able to find a jacket that considers your comfort and style more.


  • Uses sustainable materials
  • Made of soft cotton twill
  • Leather trim on all details


  • Not good for everyone’s style
  • Only one color option

Conclusion: The Best Mens Safari Jacket

After considering price, design quality, features, materials, and pros and cons, we believe that the Private V.C. White for J. Crew is the best mens safari jacket on the market today. It will keep you prepared for the African or Australian bush without sacrificing style in the process.

If we were not already convinced, once we considered the color we were absolutely sold on the Private V.C. White for J. Crew. It embraces a military style while looking laid back. Additionally, the jacket breathes easy. Whether you’re planning to go on safari or down the block, do yourself a favor and go out and buy yourself one of these wonderful jackets today.

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