Types of Safari Clothing and Accessories to Pack on a Trip

safari clothing

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When a person wants to explore the outdoors and see nature in its normative state, a safari is one of the best options available.

Flora and fauna are on full display, painting a scene of tranquility and wonder for any excited visitors who have the privilege of braving the area. But before a person can fully enjoy the sight of a safari, they should have the proper clothing.

Safaris are unusual locations when compared to the normal places people congregate. This means they also require the right type of clothing and accessories. Being dressed for the occasion helps a person get more out of their trip, and reduces the chances they’ll be made uncomfortable by the elements.

When it comes to finding clothes for a safari in South Africa, there are plenty of things to consider. Beyond the right pants/shorts and shirt, there are shoes, socks hats, and other add-ons that can improve the trip. Many outdoor-based retailers sell this type of clothing, allowing trip-takers to get the garments they need for the occasion.


Why African Safari Clothing is Unique


Clothes designed for African safaris are much different than those designed for casual or formal purposes. These clothes are specially designed to withstand the intense conditions of a safari, and provide people with a way to remain comfortable and safe on their trip.

Safari clothes are often designed to be baggy and loose fitting. This is done for two reasons. The first is to provide additional comfort to the wearer. More space means more ventilation, which comes in very handy in the warm climate safaris are known for. This additional space also makes it easier to move freely, so things like climbing can be done much more comfortably.

The second reason why this clothing fits loosely is to allow people space to carry their belongings. Whether it’s glasses, binoculars, cameras, drinks, or handheld fans, there are plenty of accessories people may want to bring along on their trip to the safari. Baggy clothes with roomy pockets make it easy to carry cargo without feeling constricted.

When people choose clothes to wear on a safari, they may also want to buy ones that are designed to repel bugs. Some clothes are made from specific materials and colored in specific ways in order to keep away the insects which can bother visitors to the safari.


Beyond the Shirt and Pants


People who head out to the safari may have the basics in terms of their outfits. Shorts or pants and a shirt can seem like the main things a person should worry about. However, the footwear a safari-goer chooses can also impact their trip.

Special boots can make it easier for people to walk on the rocky and uneven terrain safaris are sometimes known for. Even walking for long distances on grassy plains can be taxing on a person’s feet. Boots they combine cushioned soles and sturdy construction for improved ankle support can help people avoid injuries on their trip to the safari.

Having the right socks is also important for enjoying the trip. Cushioned socks ensure a person’s shoes don’t rub up against their feet as they walk along the safari. This can help prevent blisters and irritation, allowing a person to concentrate on the amazing sights of the terrain rather than being distracted by minor discomforts and pain.

People may also choose to bring a hat along on their trip to the safari. Hats can help shield people from the sunlight, reducing the chance they’ll get sunburned or suffer from heat exhaustion. They can also provide enough coverage so a person can gaze miles into the distance without being affected by sun glare.


Safari Clothes Can Still Be Stylish


Taking a trip to the safari usually means posing for a plethora of photos to commemorate the occasion. While people may want clothing that is comfortable and protective, they also want to look stylish when they know they’ll be photographed.

Both men’s and women’s safari clothing comes in various forms and styles. People can make full outfits that match well, offering the best of both worlds in terms of looks and functionality. Since safaris are such a popular outdoor getaway for people from all walks of life, the clothing for these locations has evolved over the years.

Many different styles and brands are available, a great deal of which can be found at online stores or outdoor-based retail chains. Safari clothing can look great and guard people against the dangers of the terrain simultaneously. Anyone who wants to go on a trip to the safari should take the right clothes and accessories to make the trip even better.

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