4 Types of Safaris and How to Choose the Best One

types of safaris

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African safaris will leave you singing “Hakuna Matata” (translates to “no worries”) all the way back home.

What comes to your mind when you think of an African safari? If you’re like many people, this means going on a game drive on a 4X4 truck and taking lots of photos.

But African safaris are more than that. They come in different types, customized to suit the different needs and preferences.


4 Different Types of African Safaris


1. Classical Safaris

No safari will give you a more authentic African experience than the classic safari. Classic safaris usually include accommodations in either semi-permanent or permanent lodges situated at the heart of parks and reserves.

They also offer extensive early morning or late evening game drives around game reserves where you get the opportunity to observe the African wildlife at its best. These drives come with professional guides who give you expert information about the different attractions you come across.


2. Luxury Safaris

If you don’t like crowds and wish to have a nice exclusive private experience during your safari, then a luxury safari would work best for you. It’s only in these safaris that you’ll get a five-star experience in the wild.

But luxury safaris don’t come cheap.

You will, however, get value for your money as these types of safaris offer arguably the best African tours.

And don’t let the stories about Africa’s extreme poverty on mainstream media fool you. The continent has numerous high-end, five-star hotels which give those in Europe and the United States a run for their money.


3. Family Safaris

Some African safaris are challenging and even dangerous, and may not be ideal for kids. Activities such as elephant rides and canoe paddling in the great African rivers can be adrenaline-inducing, but may prevent you from enjoying the African adventure experience with your kids.

Here’s where family safaris come in.

Family safaris have activities that are suitable for the whole family. Your kids get the opportunity to indulge in the adventure through guided safari walks and junior ranger activities.

The greatest concern for many tourists with kids is tropical diseases such as malaria and typhoid. That’s why many family safaris offer malaria-free reserves where the threat is minimal.

With family safaris, you won’t have to feel guilty for leaving your kids while enjoying the African experience.


4. Active Safaris

All the aforementioned safaris restrict you to being a mere observer and leave all the navigation around game reserves and parks to a trained driver-cum-guide.

But what if that doesn’t float your boat, and you’re more of a hands-on-deck type of person?

Worry not, all you need is an active safari. This type of safari lets you wander into the African wilderness without the restrictions that come with vehicles, aircrafts, or hot air balloons.

It is only on an active safari that you will paddle in the rough rivers in Africa (such as the Zambezi), while giving you a front-row seat to the resident hippos and crocodiles. Alternatively, you can also scale up the icy summit of Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro.

Experience the true African adventure with an active safari.


How to Find Your Safari Type


Choosing the right type of safari can be quite confusing. However, these factors should be of great help in making an ideal selection.

  • Social Setting: This defines a safari based on the number of tourists in a particular safari camp or lodge. Are you going as a group, a couple, or alone? There so many trip types to choose from – from private safaris to group safaris where you can go with your friends and colleagues.
  • Type of Accommodation Offered: The type of accommodation offered at a particular lodge or camp should help you choose the right African safari for you. You can choose a permanent lodge, a semi-permanent lodge, a tent, or a cabin. In addition, check the types of utilities available.
  • Transportation Available: The mode of transport included in your safari package can also help you identify the best African safari type for you. There are different transportation modes in different reserves and parks including 4X4 vehicles, hot air balloons, canoes, cruise ships, light aircraft, and many more. Interestingly, you can even take in the scenic views of the African wild on a horse, camel, or elephant back.

An African safari is one of those few things that you should experience at least once in your life. It takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world to the untouched plains of the African wild.

What are you waiting for? Make an African safari your next vacation. You’ll just love it!

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