5 Amazing Must-Visit Premier Safari Camps

premier safari camps

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Are you going on a safari to Africa and don’t quite know which are the best camps to visit?

Look no further, you’re in the right place.

Each year, 30 million people visit Africa for tourism purposes. Africa is home to some unique animal species such as the wildebeest, kudu, impala, grey crowned cranes, ostrich, and okapi. Many of these animals can be seen in national parks and reserves.

However, for a truly unrivalled experience, nothing beats staying in a safari camp – but not just any camp.

Africa boasts several premier safari camps which feature luxurious accommodations that rival many an elite hotel. These distinguished safari camps also give visitors an unparalleled breathtaking experience of the African savannah.

We’ve put together a list of some of Africa’s truly amazing must-visit premier safari camps:

1. Kings Pool Camp – Linyanti, Botswana


Kings Pool Camp is located in the southern African country of Botswana, a landlocked country of over 2 million people, sharing its borders with neighboring Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, and Zambia.

The official language is English, and most international visitors arrive at the Sir Seretse Khama International Airport.

Located in the Linyanti Game Reserve and overlooking the Linyanti River, this camp is strategically located giving visitors a great view of the water hole and wildlife from a safe distance. You’ll be able to watch glorious sunsets and sunrises, and view game around the river from the comfort of your sleeping quarters.

You get to enjoy game rides at dawn and dusk, as well as at night in a roofless 4×4 vehicle. The camp’s tents and communal areas are interlinked by raised wooden walkways beneath which animals walk freely.

Kings Pool Camp also affords you the opportunity to sample local cuisine. International meals are also provided and served in buffet-style as well as an à la carte fashion.


2. Singita Boulders Lodge – Kruger National Park, South Africa


Singita Boulders certainly does not give one the impression of its being built but rather that of being discovered.

A slender path winds its way through the bush connecting with the luxurious suites. The public area is equally creatively designed and features ethnic sculptures, prints works, dramatic carvings and the main building is decorated with tapestries, all combining to give you a comfortably luxurious feeling.

You get to go on exclusive safaris in open vehicles in this camp located in the southern-most African country. Singita Boulders offers you elegant cuisine and has received many prestigious awards for its excellent services.


3. Kwandwe Private Game Reserve – Grahamstown, South Africa


Another safari camp from South Africa makes its way onto our list – the illustrious Kwandwe Private Game Reserve.

Going on a safari at Kwandwe will prove to be unforgettable thanks to the camp’s stunning location, and impressive 22,000 hectares of flawless wilderness which are home to the Big 5 game – namely the African lion, African elephant, black rhinoceros, Cape buffalo, and the African leopard.

Safari activities include game viewing drives, bush walks, dinners al fresco, picnic lunches, and boat excursions. There are four small Chateaux and Relais with 22 rooms divided between them.


4. The Ant Collection – Waterberg, South Africa


The Ant Collection is a collection of properties including Ant’s Hill, Ant’s Nest, World View Cottage, and Bush Camp.

The property owners are Ant and Tessa Baber whose ancestry dates back to 1886. They offer two comfortable lodges to their visitors and there’s also a Bush Camp located in the 100,000 acres Lapalala Wilderness game reserve. This reserve is beautiful and is home to the endangered black rhino, wild dog, leopard, white rhino, and buffalo species.


5. Chiawa Camp – Zambezi National Park, Zambia


Chiawa Camp is definitely a must-visit premier safari camp offering some of the best-personalized service on the continent. The Camp consists of nine awesome tents boasting mesmerizing views of the Zambezi River and the region’s wildlife. The cuisine is excellent and the scenery resplendent. In addition to game drives other enjoyable activities include boating, angling, and canoeing.


Experience a Once-In-A-Lifetime Expedition


If you’re looking for a memorable getaway, then you shouldn’t look beyond a safari.

There’s nothing like waking up to the sound of Mother Nature all around you, and hearing the roar of a lion at dawn. It’s exciting, it’s heart-pumping, and it’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Get yourself ready to go on an African safari and watch awe-inspiring herds of zebra and wildebeest pass by your safari vehicle in search of food. An African safari should definitely be on your bucket list.

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