6 Distinctive Safari Camps You Should Definitely Visit at Least Once in Your Life

distinctive safari camps

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Did someone just say safari? Yes, we sure did.

Going on safari at least once in your life should be something written down on everyone’s bucket list goals.

Southern Africa is home to some really amazing safari camps.

From a list of dozens, we have selected the top six distinctive safari camps you should visit at least once in your lifetime.


1. Borana Lodge, Kenya


Borana Lodge is an exquisite getaway nestled in the heart of Kenya, overlooking the Leva Plains in the Samangua Valley.

If you want to see breathtaking views of Mount Kenya and the Ngare Ndare Forest then this is the place to be. It boasts eight unique cottages which are luxurious and tastefully decorated to complement the local setting.

Thanks to the Lodge’s location – 6,000 feet above sea level – there is no need to worry about mosquitos.

All you need to remember to bring is a bit of warm clothing because the nights here are fairly cool. The nearby lake attracts native animals and birds and offers a perfect opportunity to see the giant African elephant at the waterhole each morning.


2. Giraffe Manor, Kenya


Giraffe Manor is arguably one of Nairobi’s most iconic accommodations, located in the Langata suburb. If you love the manor’s name as much as we do, then you’re certainly going to love the camp even more once you get there.

The manor is suitably named because as a guest staying at the camp, you’ll have the express opportunity to see vast herds of Rothschild giraffe.

Get ready to be surprised as well because you never know when a giraffe might decide to poke its neck into any of lodge’s windows.


3. Fairmont Norfolk Camp, Kenya


It’s no secret that Kenya has some of the best safari camps in Africa, and sitting third on our list is yet another Kenyan camp.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Africa, Kenya in particular, you shouldn’t pass up the chance to stay at the illustrious Fairmont Norfolk Camp.

Located right next to Mara River, home to some of Africa’s most incredible species, there’s a lot to see at this camp.  This is the ideal destination if you are looking for a variety of exciting outdoor activities combined with an amazing dining experience.


4. Jaci’s Safari Lodge, South Africa


If the Arabian nights are magnificent then the African nights are majestic in comparison. If you’re looking for a place to see some of the best African-night spectacles, then Jaci’s Safari Lodge is the place to be.

Located within the famous Madikwe Game Reserve, this unique lodge is just 3 ½ hour-drive away from Johannesburg. If you’re flying in and want to go to Jaci’s Lodge quickly, fly into O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg and take a taxi to the lodge.

Enjoy game drives, and watching spectacular sunrises and sunsets from the comfort of your room at the lodge.

Surely, life doesn’t get any more magnificent than this.


5. Mara Plains Camp, Kenya 


Are you curious about the Maasai people of Kenya and their culture? Then be sure to visit the Mara Plains Camp in Kenya.

Olare Motorogi Conservancy hides Mara Plains Camp in its riverine trees, north of Maasai Mara National Reserve. The place is unique and exclusive, with just seven tents featuring wooden floors and an interior which reminds one of the colonial era. This place also offers a rare opportunity to explore the Maasai and Swahili culture. It carries the most original and unchanged Maasai environment with its iconic wildebeest herds.


6. ol Donyo Lodge


This list would be incomplete without mentioning the legendary Mount Kilimanjaro and the magnificent herds of elephant that live in the shadow of the mountain.

Ol Donyo Lodge in Amboseli and Tsavo East are home to these African elephants. If you want to catch a sight of these elephant-bands marching across the plains under Chyulu Hills, then ol Donyo Lodge is the place you must reach. The unique Donyo bungalows are highly comfortable as well as close to nature.


Going on Safari is an Experience Unlike Any Other


If you think the footage you see on TV on the National Geographic channel is stunning, then just imagine what it’s like to see the wide, open plains right in front of your eyes.

Visiting any one of these distinctive safari camps will be an experience of a lifetime -truly an experience unlike any other.

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